Thursday, 10 January 2013

Felt Bow Template

If you are a keen pinner you may have come across this very cute felt bow DIY/Tutorial.
 I found it via Shannon Cook's pinterest boards and I've looked long and hard for a template to use but couldn't find one anywhere. So, I've made my own.
It's slightly different, but feel free to right click on the pic below, save it to your computer, print it out to whatever size you like and make some of your own.
Adapt it to your liking, it's only meant as a rough template, so could probably do with some tweaking!

Have fun!


Malea said...

Thankyou for sharing this with us, it is a gorgeous little bow & i will definitely be making some of these :)

Corujinha Artes said...

Hi Marie! I just found your blog between one of my friends favorites. Sooo beautiful! I am now one of your followers too. Have a great weekend! Flávia

Ulla's Quilt World said...

I love them! Thank you so much for the pattern! :)
Thank you so much for your lovely blog!
Hugs, Ulla
Ulla's Quilt World)

Petra said...

what a sweet little project this would make, so cute

Cecilia López said...

I'm not a huge fan of bows, but these are the cutest ones I've ever seen!! Maybe I'll try them and change my idea...

Jenni Pugh said...

I love this!!! Thanks for sharing.